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Looking to get out on your nextbike in Cardiff? Not sure where to start? Well we have you covered, we have taken the nextbike Cardiff out for a trail run & it could not have been easier. You’ll need a few things to get you started such as your phone, nextbike app & a helmet then within a few minutes you’ll be off & riding.

Taff Trail Cardiff Bay

Taff Trail Cardiff Bay/Penarth Marina Route Planner.

So you’ve decided to rent a nextbike Cardiff & you’re not quite sure where to start, well thankfully we have tested this out for our guests & we couldn’t be happier with the results. Let us break it down for you below so you can get up & riding on your nextbike Cardiff in minutes.

Our Cardiff Bay Serviced Apartment Penthouse On Mount Stuart Square Has 4 Next Bike Cardiff Stations Nearby.

How To Get Started On nextbike Cardiff

Let’s dive straight into the basics to be able to rent out a nextbike. You’ll need to download the native nextbike app that can be found in the app store or google play store & create your own account. Once you have created your account, you will need to verify a few details such as your bank details & confirm your email address so you can rent your bike. All this takes minutes & you are emailed verification codes almost instantly.

Once you have your app all set up, head over to the closest nextbike Cardiff station. The in app interactive map shows you how many bikes are available for rental, how many parking spaces are available. The station is grayed out if there’s no bikes ready. Be sure to check this map before you head to your station.

nextbike Station

Once at the station use the app to select the bike you would like to rent. A unique code for the bike will be given to you via the app, then simply entered at the rear of the next bike. Pull the metal fastener from the bike rail & arch it over to the holder to the front of the bike, check the seat height & make sure the bike is ready for use.

That’s it, your now ready to start on your Cardiff cycling adventure. As you can see from the map above the cycle routes are easy to follow and are well sign posted across the capital & afar. To join the Taff Trail from the Stuart Street station, simply head towards the the Pierhead building in Mermaid Quay from there you can cycle over the barrage over to Penarth Marina & Penarth Pier. This cycle route loops back into Cardiff Bay where you can keep following the Taff Trail to Bute Park / Cardiff Castle & further afield to Llandaff Fields & Castell Coch.

The beauty with nextbike rentals is that you are able to leave your bike at any station. So once you’ve hit a destination that you like or want to stop for a long period of time, you can simply return your bike to the nearest station of that landmark. Again this can be shown on the map within the app & with a few taps you can simply return your bike.

The ease of use & great access have made nextbike Cardiff a huge success across the capital, not only can you see our top attractions up close, but you cut out a fair bit of the traffic and be eco-friendly whilst taking in the views of our wonderful city.

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