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It’s Saturday 8.30 am & we decided it’s time to jump on our nextbikes once again…..we decided that we wanted to do the nextbike Cardiff Bay trail riding from Roath to the Bay & back.

nextbike & The Cardiff Bay Trail….

After we discovered the ease of renting a nextbike, we decided it was time to hit the trail once again doing the nextbike Cardiff Bay trail. This was a special one to use as we were able to take in most of Cardiff’s top attractions, as well as pass by our Serviced Apartment locations. We started early doors at 8.30am, to ensure we could get enough bikes for our route. We managed to secure 2 bikes at one location, with the rest at a nextbike stop only a few minutes walking distance away, with 3 bikes secured we started our nextbike trail.

Bute Park Cardiff Bay Trail

From Waterloo Gardens to Cardiff Bay.

Our ride started at Waterloo Gardens, taking us through the lovely green gardens & onto the nextbike stop at Albany road. Not too far roughly 5-10 mins walking, from there we all secured our bikes ready to hit the nextbike trail.

We left Albany road and followed Roath Wreck to Crwys Road Library. Cycling up the steep hill on Fairoak road (trust us, this one get’s your heart racing). Once at the top, you are met by a beautifully designed red brick building which is Crwys Road library. There are 3 routes in which you can get into Cardiff Town centre & join the trail you can follow:-
Crwys Road down onto City Road turning right at the bottom onto Newport Road & head through Queen Street to the trail.
There’s Whitchurch Road where you can cross under North Road via a subway & follow the cycle path down to Tesco & join the taff trail there.
Or thirdly which is the route we decided to take which was to follow Cathay’s Terrace down to the trail.
If you follow the Cathay’s Terrace route, you not only pass our award winning serviced apartment but you also pass the beautiful buildings that are Cardiff University & can pass through Alexandra Gardens & onto Bute Park.

Bute Park Cardiff Central

Bute Park & Arboretum.

Once in Bute Park, you are met with wide open spaces filled full of beautiful trees, plants, Cafe’s & ice cream parlours. A perfect stop to have some lunch or snacks & take in the beautiful scenery.
Cardiff Castle features prominently in Bute Park & it’s magnificent clock tower sits proudly in the distance. With it’s intricate design it is more than worth of an Instagram pic or two!

Leaving Bute Park, you follow the Taff Tail across Castle street & head alongside the river Taff. With a beautiful view of our National stadium the Principality Stadium or more known to locals as the Millennium Stadium.

Onto the Cardiff Bay Trail.

After passing the Principality Stadium, we followed the Taff Embankment cycle path straight onto Cardiff Bay Trail. With the Bay & Barrage clearly in sight the halfway point was nearly within grasp. On the Bay trial path, you reach the Cardiff Bay rowing club. From here, you will need to go onto the road for roughly 5 minutes cycling under Cardiff Bay way by Morrisons & Prospect Place around onto Cardiff Bay Trail.

Cardiff Bay Penarth Marina

Cardiff Penarth Marina & Yacht Club

What a beautiful site all the boats & yachts are out & the sun just sets the scene perfectly! From here, you are able to see the Barrage & all the beauty it has to offer. It’s only a short cycle alongside the Marina Walk to hit Cardiff Bay Barrage & Custom House.

Cardiff Bay Barrage & Custom House.

We had finally made it safely to Cardiff Bay Barrage & the views were absolutely phenomenal, well worth the effort of cycling to. Take a look below at some of the many shots we took whilst waiting for the Barrage bridge, just shows how beautiful Cardiff really is!

Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Once the bridge had lowered, it was off onto the Barrage which is filled full of Coffee Shops, Bike repair stores, Childrens Play areas, The History Of Terra Nova & of course a beautiful view of Cardiff Bay! Whether walking or cycling, Cardiff Bay Barrage has plenty to offer & can make for a perfect family day out. On one side you have the beautiful Cardiff Bay & on the other Penarth Marina leading onto Penarth Pier, it really couldn’t get much better. Over the years, we have taken some fantastic snaps of Cardiff Bay / Barrage & have included them here for you to see what’s on offer.

Cardiff Bay & Mermaid Quay.

This has to be one of Cardiff’s top hot spots, it’s home to the Wales Millennium centre & features a fantastic array of bars, restaurants & boutique shops. This was by far one of the most rewarding stop offs, as we decided to get some drinks & ice creams from Cadwaladers. Cardiff Bay has changed so much over the years, but the beauty that is the view looking out over to Penarth is still as beautiful today as it was all those years ago the only addition being new buildings to the Cardiff skyline. Take a look below at the the views we had on our nextbike Cardiff Bay trail & a few of our other favourites we’ve got of Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff Bay Back To Roath.

It was time to set off & the route back to Roath would only be a short one as we passed though Lloyd George Avenue & onto the Hayes through central Cardiff. With Covid 19 changing the face of high streets across the UK, we passed through a new one way system that had been set up in place for the re-opening of non essentials shops within the capital. Many of our designer stores have anticipated high footfall with the promise of big discounts once the doors are finally allowed to open.

Once through Cardiff high street, we head onto Salsbury road & join onto the new cycle path, which was a blessing to see as Cardiff’s roads can be quite busy, so to have a lane away from the main road is bliss! We follow Salsbury Road onto Richmand Road & headed towards our final stop Albany Road, where we initially got our nextbikes from. We had various stop offs throughout our journey, without these the time it takes to get around they nextbike Cardiff Bay trail would have been a lot shorter but none the less check out our route path below.

nextbike Cardiff Bay Trail
nextbike Cardiff Bay Trail

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